Members Joined Since 1/1/2021

Tommie Breeden
Antraquip Corporation
Hagerstown, MD
Paul Moran
Turner Mining Group
Bloomington, IN
Michael Briggs
The Falkirk Mining Company
Underwood, ND
Greg Oliver
Longview, TX
Erik Denver
Antraquip Corporation
Hagerstown, MD
Michael Romano
Dyno Nobel
Devils Tower, WY
Tim Fagley
Navajo Transitional Energy Company
Broomfield, CO
Helen Schuster
Texas Tea Soil Reclamation, Inc.
Bradford, PA
Tim Fraser
Mountain Coal Company, LLC. West Elk Mine
Somerset, CO
Joel Trouart
The North American Coal Corporation
Jourdanton, TX
Robert Johnson
Loma, CO
Jessica Wilczek
West Elk Mine
Somerset, CO